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Luce Stellare [Loo-chay Stell-are-ay] is a wedding planning company based in North Carolina. We value good times and good design which is why we combine the two. At Luce Stellare, we have a passion for weddings and celebrating love. We want your wild, your unique, your anti-tradition, all of it!

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I'm Kelli

The owner of Luce Stellare.

serious planner. marketer. traveler. lover of people. designer. partier. your new friend :)

I can be any of these things and more. I can be your best friend, I can be the bad guy if someone oversteps their boundaries, I can be your confidant, I can be anything you need!

I love parties. I'm a natural extrovert and people lover. The parties I love most? WEDDINGS. I love weddings, I cry every. time. I just loooove love. 

As a natural social butterfly, a virgo who literally plans EVERYTHING down to the minute, and someone who loves love so much, I had no choice but to be a wedding planner! It's just perfect for me. 

Think we're a perfect match? Let's get this party started. 

no two weddings are the same...

So here at Luce Stellare, we want to celebrate your uniqueness and the things that are different about you by bringing them out and incorporating them into your big day. 


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